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Kingsley Art Auction, with professional experience and respected art specialists, intends to construct an art-community for buyers and artists. Besides from personal consultation, we also provide a variety of related services as follows:

1. Selling or Bidding Artworks

We arrange complete services of bidding lots. You may bid lots by yourself in the auction house; or, we could do paper bid or phone bid on behalf of you. We will call you during the auction and report the current bidding.

2. Artwork Consultation

In order to satisfy every client’s potential needs, we maintain close contact with our clients to provide exclusive and objective suggestions on collecting significant artworks of different periods, styles, as well as investment choices. In particular, our constant observation on Chinese art market enables us and our clients to adjust their purchasing and selling. We care about clients’ preference, and most importantly of all, we aim to assist clients to possess a tasteful, classical art collection.

3. Evaluation

With years of professional experience and prudent attitude, we give artwork evaluations by a group of art professionals along with insurance specialists. Thus, the process and result is regarded not only referable but objective as well. 
It is believed that a fine work’s value increases along the time. Therefore, it becomes fairly important when purchasing an artwork with its certificate, whether it is issued by a gallery of credibility, related organization, or by the artist. Other proved elements such as published books or exhibition record are also a plus.

4. Insurance and Shipment

In order to cope with clients’ collection in the best way, Kingsley’s cooperates with legal consultant and insurance company all the time. Safety is the upmost issue that we care, and that is why we have a guarded security system and an extremely specialized team for transporting artworks. Besides from these careful manipulations, we work with insurance company to complete all phases of protection.

5. Deliver the Latest News of Art Market

An objective artistic value means very much to Kingsley Art Auction, and this is what we try to deliver to every client. Throughout Kingsley’s preparation and auction, we attempt to discover potential Chinese contemporary artists and their works, and further promote their arts to be recognized and be appraised. In the end, we hope to provide buyers more and more excellent works to collect and invest.

6. Construction of Aesthetic Concept

For most people, there are so many good works worth to look. And Kingsley’s chooses the most representative ones from each period and style for art collectors. Besides from beauty and value, there is something much more about art itself. And last but not least, fine works not only resist the trial of time, but also bring about spiritual inspection and aesthetic taste for life.