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Upon selling artwork affair, you may contact us at +886-2-27196555 or email us at kingsley.auction@gmail.com, or make appointment for consultation. Our office time: Mon.-Fri., 10:00-18:00.

  1. In order to have sufficient time to collect consigned property’s information, edit catalogue, and photograph the work, please contact us for selling affair and sign the contract 3 months before the auction. This would help us work on preparations as completely as possible.

  2. For selling the work, Kingsley’s charges a certain amount of commission fee to the seller. In most cases, the commission fee includes: insurance, catalogue, restoration, mounting, framing, transportation, and service fee. All of the consigned property will be set a reserve price agreed by you and Kingsley’s.

  3. After discussing the appropriation for selling your property at auction, you will sign an entrustment contract with Kingsley’s. The contract includes entrusting terms and conditions as well as relative charges. When signing the contract, the consignor (you) shall provide valid identification; if the contract is signed through another consignor, the consignor shall provide Letter of Authorization and valid identification.

  4. After signing the contract, you may bring the consigned work to Kingsley’s office by yourself or by any transportation company. Kingsley’s may also help for transport arrangement.

After the auction, we will contact the consignor about auction results. For those works sold out, we will pay the Seller as soon as the Buyer completes their payment. The Shipment Waybill that describes our service fee and any other charges will also be sent to you.
For more detailed information and charges, please refer to our “Terms and Conditions of Business.”
And if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.