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Born in Tianjin in 1948, Shanxi Province and now a member of the Artists Association of Shanxi Province Oil Painting Society and Democratic People's Republic of Changzhou of painting and calligraphy. Yao began to paint at the age of sixty-three, and studied at the big bird studio to build from her drawing foundation. She held a solo exhibition the same year, and participated in various joint exhibitions.
In 2012, the "City Series" participated in the ninth oil painting exhibition in Shanxi Province. This series became the representative of the group, with the four seasons reincarnation, sun and moon alternation of the screen, showing her interpretation about nature and life. In 2014, the "Lao Li The Farmer" was invited to participate in the 10th oil painting exhibition in Shanxi Province. It was used to express the lower class of society. More techniques were used in the works to make the characters dynamic. In 2016, she was invited to participate in Xinzhou Art School for the 20th anniversary celebration "Birds Invitation Exhibition". Yao Kai's works are all expressed with emotions, she often said, "the former masters, mountain upturned, techniques to learn endlessly, and to improve each day for one’s own good." She believes that it is important to stay multicultural, therefore Yao Kai attaches great importance to the integration of Chinese and Western civilizations.
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