Contemporary artist graduated from Central Art College.  Ma Dong-Min’s art gives viewers a special realization derived from mountains and thousands of years of Chinese traditional culture.  The theme of his arts is landscape, which has also been the core expression of Chinese arts.  Making it the theme of his arts because visible landscape is an ideal metaphor of philosophy; he combined human lust with fog, mountain, and water to present a notion of “the union of human and nature.”  It is a free mentality outside of painting and a yearning for freedom after touring everywhere.  Yet, the artist also had a period which non-figure-shape was the style of his landscape paintings; it is more close to abstract expressionism in its form.  It is in recent years that he developed figure-shapes in a tone of gray-and-blue color. They are more and more strengthened and cooperated with the landscapes; from obscure indication to clear expression; from whole figures to portraits of human faces.  He discovered human’s exact shapes when depicting landscapes.  On the contrary to ancient arts which hide figures, Ma Dong-Min’s exploration of figures in landscape paintings demonstrates an influence by contemporary society and his individual experience. 
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