MIRÓ was born in Barcelona, his passion for arts had been revealed ever since childhood.  He became familiar with arts of the avant-garde artists such as Van Goh, Matisse, Picasso and Rouseau; he also tried the expression way of Fauvism, Cubism and Dadaism and gradually established a style of his own.  He was productive; his painting style was consistent but various, difficult to put in general explanation.  His early works influenced by Cezanne, Van Goh, Picasso, and other Fauvism artists had extreme color and movement of lines or the style of Cubism.  He attempted to break down the control of reason and logic, liberating a spiritual power from unconscious and illogical mind to exploring the unseen domain and the mystery of visual world.  He was seen as one of the great surrealism artists of 20 centuries par Picasso and Dali.
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