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Ma Han was born in Hunan, China, in 1968, and graduated from China Academy of Art.  Currently he works in Beijing.  Major exhibitions in recent years include: 2004 “Art-Space-China,” Schwaebisch Hall, Germany; 2004 “The First Architectural Biennial Beijing,” Beijing Planning Exhibition Hall, China; 2005 “China: Dynamics of the Public Space,” L.A. Galerie Lothar Albrecht, Frankfurt, Germany; 2005 “A UTOPIA OF THE VISIBLE: 13 Outstanding Art Photographers in China,” Beijing New Art Projects, 798 Art District, Beijing; 2006 “MAO Visions Contemporaines,” JSM. Galerie, Paris; 2006 “Dreams China,” Marchina Arte Contemporanea, Italy; 2007 “Today’s Landscape – From Ma Han,” Sanshan Art, Beijing; 2007 “The 2nd Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art – FOOTNOTES on Geopolitics, Market and Amnesia,” Moscow.  In Ma’s sculptures, there are countless tiny bugs or persons on the surface, as if the thorn wire piercing into the whole piece work and its content.  It is a transformation of Chinese historical culture, as well as a symbolization of his own development.
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