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Yin Jun was born in Sichuan in 1974.  Yin has held many solo exhibitions and joined many group exhibitions in China and overseas.  Exhibitions that Yin Jun has participated in include: 2005, The 12th CIGE, Beijing; 2006, Kunstai-2006 Art Expo, Amsterdam, The Netherlands; 2006, From Song Zhuang, Kerseboom Gallery, The Netherlands.
His family is the earliest environment where he started to learn about art, in the whole exploration of his journey, he was affected by his brother, Yin Kun, who was also an artist.  Besides from his brother, there are some other artists who brought him into this field as well, and then he started to show his own personality onto his works.
With big and round shapes of heads, the crying tears and snivelling, every piece of his work has a very strong vision and tension.  He draws children on his painting, and shows the expression of their crying face to lose the inside feeling.
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