Born in Jiangsu, China, he enrolled in Hangzhou Fine Art College and was mentored by Lin Feng-Mian and Pan Tian-Shou.  In 1949, he taught in Taipei Teacher College.  In 1955, he moved to France, and started to paint abstract paintings.  He was influenced by Cezanne and Nicolas de Stael.  In 1957, the painting “The Portrat of Jing Jhao” won Paris Spring Sharon 2nd place.  In 1987, National Museum of History held the retrospective show for him in which is the first large scale solo exhibition in Taiwan after 32 years of live aboard.  Other exhibitions are solo exhibition in Taipei Fine Arts Museum (1987) and solo exhibitions in France, Shanghai, and Gundong (2000).  He is skilled to accommodate traditional Chinese brush ink onto cease to create Eastern feel with Western mediums.  A series of irregular shapes that is mimic to air, light, and water were arranged in dark and light and laid to form rhythm and movement.
藝術家歷屆拍品 進入過往拍品列表