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Yu Hong was born in 1966 in Beijing.  She entered High School of China Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1980 and graduated in China Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1988, and went for master’s degree in 1994.  She is now teaching in the oil painting department of China Central Academy of Fine Arts.  Her paintings have a strong sense of humanistic spirits since the topics are always about the small things happened in daily lives, conveying the atmosphere of whispering her frame of mind.  When she became well-known as a young painter in the 90s, Yu Hong’s paintings were considered to be autobiographic, even though she never portrays herself.  On this point, she is well-conscious.  She touched and beyond-word inspiration often comes from the sensitivity, weakness and helplessness of people in her life or even the stories about love.  Everything that happened in everyone’s everyday life can be the topic of Yu Hong’s work.
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