Marc Chagall plays a very crucial role in the history of art.  He was born in 1887 in the Jewish area in Vitebsk, Belarus, and had entered Saint Peter’s Art School to learn painting in 1907.  In 1911, he went to Paris, which is the world’s center of arts then, and he was considered the most important artist for surrealism in the 20th century.  Chagall’s paintings are full of romantic fantasies and poetic atmosphere.  He combined structure-cutting techniques of cubism and the wild, bold colors of fauvism, adding humorous, subconscious techniques to interpret the hidden sensitivities, such as a ship playing violin in the sky, house with eyes, the musician that isn’t controlled by the gravity…etc.  His works showed his limitless imaginations, child-like innocence, nostalgia, and how the artist is deeply influenced by the folk culture of Russia and Jewish traditional cultures; the artist interpreted the surge in his heart by unique symbolizing and poetic techniques.
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