Born in Bristol, England and grew up in a town called Leeds; also known as one of the new generation representative English artists.  Damien Hirst once studied at an art design school in Leeds and from 1986-1989, studied at Glodsmiths College, University of London.  During his period of education, he also took a part-time job at a mortuary.  This type of “special” job experience influenced his creative art materials later on.  Hirst's rebellious personality caused a ripple effect during his pursuance for an education but also became his distinctive symbol.  In 1995 he was awarded “The Tuner Prize,” which is a highly indicative avant-garde award.  Damien Hirsts’ creation is based on concept art as a starting point and fully displays a type of concept; whereas it is not entirely displayed in a body form.  Due to this result, it has also created a lot of dispute.
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