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Ma Pai-Sui was born in Liaoning, China, in 1909.  He graduated from Liaoning Normal College in 1929 and had taught in several colleges in China and Taiwan for years.  He used to be a member of Art Society of China in Taiwan, and was frequently invited to be a judge of art exhibitions.  During 25 years of teaching period in National Taiwan Normal University, he attributed his watercolor techniques into a publishing book that is still widely used for art education nowadays.  Furthermore, the awards he had received are countless.  Altogether, they came from not only Taiwanese Government but also U.S.A. and European institutes.  Ma liked to paint while traveling; therefore, many of his works are created during the journey.  He intended to build a bridge between the Eastern and Western cultures through mixing media and the techniques of watercolor and traditional ink painting, which is also the core concept of his art.  In order to honor Ma Pai Sui’s respectful position, National Museum of History held a thematic exhibition – “A Retrospective of Ma Pai sui at Ninety” in 1999.  The exhibition rounded out the artist’s dream, and four years later (2003), Ma Pai Sui passed away in the United States.
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