In 1959, Yang was born in Sichuan of China.  Yang Qian received master’s degree of Fine Arts (MFA) from University of Florida, USA in 1988.  Under many years of education of social realism, Yang is very familiar with dealing reality and images, as well as relationship between content and form.
During his experience of 1980s to 1990s in the United States, Yang Qian made his first contact with theory of abstract painting and how to use different art media, leading him to vast improvement of painting.  In his new work “Hotel Bathroom Series,” females are the main focus.  Furthermore, different from most Chinese painters using photography as a tool, Yang stresses on not of effect in front of camera, but the reapplication of photographic image.  He transfers photography’s traits onto painting, and reinterprets people’s daily life with his own point of view.
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