Shui-long Yen was born in Xiaying District of Tainan City.  He began to study abroad in the Tokyo School of Fine Arts (now Tokyo National University of Fine Arts) since 1922.  He also stayed in Orchid Island of Taiwan during the 1930s to study Taiwanese aborigines’ culture and arts.  Post-Impressionism had a great influence on Yen’s early works, which illustrated in sophisticated, yet compendious form.  He also had a unique way of using strong color contrast to express warmness of Taiwan.  In 1933, he and few other artists have co- founded Tai-Yang Art Society.  In the 1940s, he started to focus on commercial arts and tried to incorporate arts into people’s daily life.  He then further expanded this concept during the 1970s.  He used art in civic designs, such as building a series of mosaic art works on the streets.  Yen has established himself as a great artist who mastered many fields such as painting, sculpture, applied art design and civic design.
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