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YANG CHI-HUNG   b.1947
Song of Burying Flowers II 1994oil on canvas
141x102.5 cm
signed Chihung Yang Song of Burying Flowers II both in Chinese and English, and dated 1994 on the reverse
the lot is to be sold with a certificate of authenticity issued by Jun Youn Sculpture Gallery

Hammer Price

US$ 56,700 - 66,700
RMB$ 347,000 - 408,000
US$ 64,110
2014-12-13 .Lot 107
Yang Chi-Hung graduated from the College of Fine Arts at National Academy of Arts in 1968, majoring in western painting.  After graduation, he served as an art teacher in high schools and then a lecturer in the College of Fine Arts at National Academy of Arts.  Starting from 1976, he traveled and held solo exhibitions in Japan, the United States, Southeast Asia and Hong Kong, and moved to the United States in 1979.  Yang usually paints his work with sharp color contrast that brings out the pure essence of art and expression, applying numerous rays and shades to the dark picture.  Plants are a reoccurring theme of Yang's work.  He grows many plants in his studio.  By watering, fertilizing and caring for them day by day, he gains much inspiration in return.  The rise and fall of nature, the gains and losses in life, and the passage of time are all symbols embodied in his paintings.
Yang's creation holds a refined literati spirit.  His paintings are endowed with a saddening reminiscence charm like poetry.  This work "Song of Burying Flowers II" resonates with the poem "LANG TAO SHA (Waves Scouring Sands)" of Li Yu: "The fallen flowers ride away with flowing waters, and the spring has gone.  Where is it going?  This world or the heaven above?"  The flowers floating in the center bloom vigorously, yet the branches in the upper right part have already withered.  The artist uses a metaphoric contrast to express the marvelous circle of life, applying dark and light color that symbolize growth and decline.  Two thirds of the picture consists of dark colors.  Purple, yellow, white, red and green colors spread layer upon layer, creating a mysterious depth like the chaotic origin of life.  Artists are the best observers of nature, watching the bloom and fall of flowers and transforming their beauty into a poem or a paining to preserve the ever-lasting elegance.
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