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CHUANG CHE   b.1934
Abstract 1975oil on canvas
111.5x96.5 cm
signed lower left Chuang Che in Chinese and dated 75
the lot is to be sold with a certificate of authenticity issued by Jun Youn Sculpture Gallery

Hammer Price

US$ 26,700 - 33,300
RMB$ 163,000 - 204,000
US$ 30,169
2014-12-13 .Lot 105
Chuang Che was born in Beijing in 1934.  People in his generation spent their childhood in poverty and enjoy the fruit of economic growth and social stability only after maturity.  Graduating from the Department of Art at National Taiwan Normal University in 1958, he was about to find his own way - to study abstract art.  It was the time when abstractionism set off a storm in Taiwan art society.  He found abstract painting more difficult than realistic depiction of scenery.  He tried to portray nature in an abstract way, explored the rules of it, and transformed them into his own techniques.
Chuang applies mainly oil paint and acrylic paint as media.  They are used as thick layers of paint as well as diluted and mixed colors.  His canvas can be a microcosm of culture, history and universe.  He is skilled in demonstrating the core of Taoist aesthetics - the beauty of ink painting - with western media.  This work "Abstract" was created in 1975.  The patches of milk yellow and orange red colors divide the whole picture into two.  Dry ink strokes present a mountain-like image.  The S-shape strokes spreading toward the horizon further embody a spirit of power and strength.
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