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Girl in Red oil on canvas
51x41 cm
signed lower left GEO. CHANN in English

Hammer Price

US$ 5,000 - 10,000
RMB$ 31,000 - 61,000
US$ 7,165
2014-12-13 .Lot 103
In 1913, on the end of the golden age and the eve of First World War, a thundering cry was heard in Chann's house in Zhongshan County of Guangdong Province.  It was George Chann, the artist that speaks out loud for humanity.  Chann graduated from high school in 1925, when the unsettling political situation in China prompted many Chinese people to build their dream on the new United States.  It was then that Chann and his father boarded the ferry for California with the dream of freedom.  In 1934, he was enrolled by the Otis Art Institute in Los Angeles, studying traditional western painting techniques and theory.  His life experience in the Los Angeles Chinese Congregational Church and the African-American community has an impact on the theme of his early works, which are mainly portraits of black, Chinese and Mexican children, reflecting the social issues such as racial discrimination and economic inequality in the immigrant society in the U.S..  He held a solo exhibition with his realistic works in 1941.  Recommended by McKinney, former head and curator of The Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Chann became the first Chinese artist that held a solo exhibition in LACMA and impressed the American art society.  Returning to China in 1947, he found catharsis for his inexplicable emotions concerning identity and bond with motherland through abstract art and Chinese characters.  He has developed his own abstract art style henceforth.  In this portrait of a girl, the folds of her clothes are depicted with fastidious care to accentuate the unnatural pose of her shoulder.  The light and shadow upon the girl's face and the background further display the spirit of her and give a great example of the artist's superb skill.
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