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LIU GUO-SONG   b.1932
Sunrise at the East Hill 2006ink and color on paper
42x93.5 cm
signed upper right Liu Gou Song in Chinese and dated 2006
with one seal of artist
"Beyond Infinite Perspective LIU GUO-SONG" Modern Art Gallery, 2013, p.49
"Beyond Infinite Perspective LIU GUO-SONG" Modern Art Gallery, 2013
the lot is to be sold with a certificate of authenticity with artist's signature issued by Modern Art Gallery

Hammer Price

US$ 56,700 - 73,300
RMB$ 347,000 - 449,000
US$ 67,881
2014-12-13 .Lot 096
Lui Guo-Song, praised as the father of the modernization of ink painting, played a significant role in the Taiwan's modern art movements.  He founded “Fifth Moon Group” in the 50s and further proposed the idea of "ink revolution," stating that ink paintings should be innovative and modern in the 60s.  In the circle of contemporary art, LIU manages to create novel visions and effects with pioneering skills and his unique invention of "Guo-Song sheet."  This piece, while not impressive in its size, conveys an imposing spirit with the fluid smears of blue underpainting.  The shimmering light in the center indicates a sunrise.  The outline of mountain peaks is enhanced with the use of "pull and peel" technique.  The artist deploys rather dense inks, as can be seen in the painting details.  The texture of Guo-Song sheet stretches freely, producing unexpected hills in the process of painting, which together present a picture of mountains at a tranquil dawn.
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