In 1961, Peng Kuang-Chun was born in Chu Tung, Hsinchu County; and graduated from the National Institute of the Arts in 1990.  In 1992, he won the First prize in “The 4th Taipei County Exhibition Sculpture Group;” First prize in “The 13th National Art Exhibition Sculpture Group;” Excellence prize “The 47th Province Exhibition;” Top prize in “Taipei City Art Exhibition Sculpture Group” in 1994.  Peng is now an active Taiwan sculptor.
Peng’s artworks of early stage used simple outline to depict human figure’s movement to add poetic delight.  His recent sculptures are expressed in figurative human form with graceful posture and self-composed facial expression, which conveys extraordinary engaging charm to each every posture.  Peng’s bronze sculpture material might be mistaken as stone or wood in appearance and has been well known for its unique coloring which allows bronze to be seen in light brown or red color to transform its original material’s visual effect.  Peng destroyed the stereo type that viewers have for bronze structure and recreates the possibility of sculpture art.
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