Huang focused on his study of orthodox Chinese painting at National Arts University of Taiwan in 1968 and was inspired by the director of the department Mr. Li Qi-Mao.   
He held an art exhibition in 1985, and he used his name “Cai-Song” on his pieces; though later on Meng-Gu Yao named him “Shou-Yan”. Huang was awarded with various prizes such as the National Painting Award, Zhongshan Literature and Art Award and the Provincial Exhibition Permanent Review free Writers, etc.
His heavy pen strokes, ink and colors incorporate with calligraphy and also oil painting skills from the Western. He expressed his passion of Native Taiwan by emphasizing on the descriptions of surroundings, and capturing sun and moonlight through art pieces such as Buddhist painting series, Native series, Cooper series, The Series of Lilies, etc.  
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