Zeng Wei-Zhi was under the tutelage of Yeh Huo-Cheng and Li Shi-Chiao. He has obtained lots of awards in, such as, Taiyang Art Exhibition、National Civil Officers Art Exhibition and so on. After graduated from National Siluo Agriculture Industrial High School, he passed the exam of Art teacher and junior high school teacher and started to be a teacher. During this period, he has taught lots of students. He has not retired until 1987.
Zeng Wei-Zhi’s creations mainly focus on sketch、oil painting and cursive writing. He tries to create through his observation、feeling and experiment. In his opinion, sketch and color are both important. Figures are usually the main topic. He has drawn lots of portraits. However, children are seldom drawn in the portraits. There are only few children’s portraits, which his son modeled. 
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