Graduated from Department of Fine Arts, National Taiwan Normal University. Born in the family of artists. Her father is one of the most important senior artists, named Guo Hsueh-Hu, in Taiwan. Because of growing up in such environment, she is also enthusiastic on art creation. Her father trained her on the basic skills of traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy. After graduated, she taught at Taipei Municipal Jinhua Junior high school for a short time. Then, she went to Pittsburgh and studied Library Science. At the same time, she taught the skills of traditional Chinese paintings. She didn’t find her own creative style until her life, in American, became stable. In the early period, she used to paint the scenes of her motherland in western Realism style. When she established her personal style, she began to include the culture and scenes of different countries in the paintings presenting the colorful and theatrical style. The topics of her paintings were contained the temples in Japan、views in Southern Africa、ice river in Canada and religious ceremony in Thailand temple.
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