Graduated from National Taiwan University of Arts. Sheu Wei-Jong has obtained the awards of Provincial Exhibitions and the first prize of Taiyang Art Exhibition. His creation, pursuing the aesthetic perspective of independence and momentum of sculpture, is trying to express his feelings on people and life. His idea is to present the returning process of the object and equalize human body with all things on earth. Therefore, the shape and meaning of all, such as stone and wood, could be integrated into the human sculpture. Sheu thinks that the process of creating artworks is a kind of finding which needs to be completed by time.
Human sculpture is the main creative topic for Sheu. He usually tries to dismember the structure of human body or make the body be incomplete in order to present the materialized process. His works show the different relationships between people and objects. By this, he continues exploring the relationship between modern people’s mind and their behavior、attitude and emotion. These discussions all express his personal concern and heart-searching about this society. He expects to treat the disease in the modern society by the artistic behavior.
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