Chun Ping is the pen name of Xie Lan-Tao. In 2004, he graduated from Renmin University of China, majoring oil painting and traditional Chinese painting in the Department of Painting. He has begun to study the MA degree of Chinese painting in Chinese National Academy of Art since 2016. His favorite artist is Wu Guan-Zhong who influences his painting style a lot. There is a big range of sketch in Xie Lan-Tao’s own artworks, because sketch is the most important persistence for Wu. In Xie’s opinion, the things and landscapes, experienced personally, could arouse his idea of creation directly and indirectly.    
Also, Xie adopted the skills of Chinese painting to present his thought while he was painting. The scene and color in his creations are the most obvious elements showing the Chinese ambience. In recent years, he replaced the standard way with subjective way to paint, following his mental demands. In his painting, the mountain might not be a traditional mountain we have acknowledged, but the mountain created by artist’s own mind.
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