Born in a family of traditional artisan in Lukang. Tzeng Yong-Ning spent 6 years practicing literati painting skills after graduated from school. Since 2001, he has begun to create his artworks through ballpoint pen and watercolor. He decided to focus on the creation of ballpoint pen painting in 2005, the year he started to study the MA degree at Taipei National University of the Arts, majoring in oil painting in the Department of Fine Arts. In his creation, the skill and conception of literati painting were included as well. It is easy to find the lines, color, depth and nick in the painting surface, presenting the current mood and condition of the artist and recording every details honestly. There is no instruction and limitation in his creation. The lines were free and different which were painted again and again by the artist. Furthermore, he also tried to use the bright colors unrestrictedly. Until now, Tzeng Yong-Ning has still kept exploring and experimenting his own painting style between new art and old tradition. 
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