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Du Xi apprenticed oil painting with Shang Ding and Tang Zhi-Gang.  He is familiar with charactors in the Records of the Three Kingdoms and Pekin Opera since he has great passion for history and anecdote ; this became his inspiration.  He made them impressive toy figures whose head-and-body proportion is two to one jumping among Ming Dynasty Style furnitures.  Traditinal figures in Chinese Opera become alive under his brush ; each of them looks like china dolls that have delicate and silky appearence.  They have adudant facial expression—solemn, elegant, bright, satisfied, confident, arrogant, funny; their roles are also clear no matter if it’s main or side charators.  The artist brings them new lives and keeps upgrading the quality of the painting.  It is commonly regarded that one of his feature is the flawless realistic technique he adapts which makes the portraits looking like real china dolls.
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