Graduated from Hubei Art Academy, Department of Sculpture in 2003, Shao continued learning with Fu Chung-Wang at Hubei Art Academy and acquired M.F.A in 2011.  From Shao’s sculpture, his excellent capability of materializing humor and absurdity in memory can be told: different from most of the academic sculpture artists, his works give off a neurotic and paranoid impression and thus make him marginalized among his fellows; yet, this style is too unique to be forget.  He considers that poetry, words, sculptures and paintings are interlinked; it should be expressed just the way it should; it doesn’t matter what form it is but what to express from the inner of an individual.  Having a concrete form is not necessary anymore; just to find out a more appropriate way of expression.  About his philosophy of sculpture, he concludes to a materialization of his personal memory: There exists various kinds of memory; have they “sculpturelized” and they become a demonstration of a person.
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