Know as Ye Shi Zhai ,settled in Beijing . He studied at the Xu Beihong Art Institute of Renmin University of China and Chinese National Academy of Arts ,and had several study tours to Europe ,and now he is Beijing 798 Art District independent artists, president of Huan-Eh book club . Wang is proficient in calligraphy, seal carving, flowers and birds , he put flowers and birds divided into meticulous, freehand, ink, re-color ,etc . Variety of painting method , most come with rich ruby or light colors . Wang's colors not only inherits the traditional Chinese painting included Yun Nantian "boneless" flowers , but also absorbed Western painting style including Impressionism, Fauvism, Expressionism . He put color performance on abnormal protruding position ,  very different from traditional Chinese ink paintings , and also apart form his previous flowers and birds painting , gives us a new visual experience . These  works full of strong  and bright colors , hue is bright and resounding , performance of emotional tone is comfortable and joyful , thus, his colors are lively, not gaudy, actually it seems elegant .
In this frequent East-West cultural art communication unprecedented era ,Wang's artistic vision has been greatly broaden , sense of innovation is growing day by day . His early works like heavy color ink,flowers and birds have already  made impressive achievements , but he was not satisfied with it , still continue to explore new painting language.
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