Tong Zhen-Gang studied in Beijing PLA Art Academy, Central Academy of Fine Arts learning with the renowned calligraphers Xiao Xian and Lin San Zhi.  Tong engaged in calligraphy, sealing, and Chinese paintings in early years and became renowned in contemporary Chinese inks due to his unique art language and innate talents.  His philosophy of figure painting emphasize not only the precise composition but the inner spirits and human’s nature and essence of mind.  According to him, vibrant color will be produced naturally once the relation between color tone and ink is built. Harmonic colors integrated with layers such as sunset red, lemon yellow, emerald, ink dark are his conversation with himself seeking after pure courage.  For him, the black and white in ink paintings are just like good and evil; however these are not just the only two elements in his arts.  Some people wish to see the good sides of what white represents without facing the evil of black; but there’s only one soul in these two.    
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