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Professional artist based in Beijing.  Sun graduated from Lu Xun Art Academy, Department of Oil Painting in 2005; MFA of Central Art College, Department of Oil Painting in 2009.  Unlike modern Chinese painting which based on traditional Chinese arts and seeks art creation under a contemporary context; Sun’s way is the contrast.  He uses well-trained academic oil techniques as foundation to revisualize classic visual images to contemporary Chinese viewers and develops a unique language of his own.  He has a deep thinking about the West and the East; tradition and contemporary.  Many of his works are modeled after paintings of Song Dynasty; for him, these works have no exact range, nor deliberate selection.  He just has a preference for paintings of the Dynasty (especially the North Song); and what’s more, he attempts to discover a different experience in these things regardless by painting or other nature ways.  As for his works, they also remain a tension between past and future; these are all contemporary but traditional arts.  
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