Graduated from Central Art College, Institute of Urban Design, Department of Oil Painting, Guan Jing-Jing received good training of classic painting.  She uses tempera to paint; her works already show a tendency of Expressionism.  With the proficiency in the use of material, she gets to express inner thoughts more and more courageously.  Since 2008, abstract arts have become her language; yet, she thinks it’s not precise to define her work as “abstract painting.” For her, abstract is merely a concept; it’s not her who’s choosing abstract; but her work meet some features of it.  Her early works prefer black-and-white color tone; no matter they’re stacks of color or running lines, there’s always magnificent momentum in her work.  However, recently, with her continuous explore in unknown fields, her depth of thinking has been strengthened―just like the dawn before the sunrise.  She emphasizes the complicity of the composition and the reality of expression, refusing the blind trend which adapt symbols and signs from contemporary pop culture.
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