FUJIAN, CHINA1923-1997
Chen Ching-He, renowned Taiwanese comic artist; pen name “Chin-He.”  Except for comics, he also exceled in oil paintings.  His early works have the line, façade and composition of woodcut; yet, after returning back from Europe, he was deeply influenced by the architecture, sculpture and museum collection, therefore, his style began to integrate techniques and ideas of Cubism, abstract, Romanticism, and Surrealism; he attempted to “analyze” and “Conclude.”  Ever since then, his arrangement of composition changed from “full” to “minus.”  He minimalized the complicatedness of oils, concentrating on its equivalent effects of spirit; therefore, his oils gained another glamour of nebulosity.  He wanted to found Chinese oil painting with aesthetic concepts; that is to say, to convey an Eastern state of mind with Western techniques to endow it with his style.  That’s what he truly long for. 
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