Hu Nien-Tsu, courtesy names “Xin-Yuan,” “Xue-Yuan,” “traveler of Plum-flower River,” “old shepherd of stone bull.”  He apprenticed with Huang Jun-Bi in Nanjing in 1948, and was also taught by Pu Yu later; therefore his landscape paintings gained features of both North and South style.  He established “Lisuie Art Society” with Yu Chun-Lin and Sun Chia-Chin in 1953 teaching Chinese paintings; they were addressed as “The Tree Lisuie Friend.”  In the late 1960, he created a new painting technique called “snake-pattern” and combined it with techniques of ink-spreading and bean to sketch nature in a manner of traditional ink painting.  His art expression crossed the style between the East and the West with ease and comforts.  He was invited to teach Chinese Painting at National Art College in Taiwan in 1988; by this time, his style had already departed from traditional Chinese painting and transformed into abstract, demonstrating an art style beyond mise-en-scene.  The artist quietly devoted himself in the field of art and art education to pass on and promote Chinese culture; his attitude that pursued new and change and his spirit that persisted in creating also made a great contribution in arts.  
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