Chao Hsiu, professional painter living in Beijing.   Born name “Chao Hsiu Zhe,” he graduated from Central Art College, Department of Chinese Painting in 2007 and was taught by Tsue Xiao-Dong, Swei Mo.  Chao consults and borrows technique from ancient masters such as Dong Yuan, Ni Zhan, Sheng Chou, Kong Xian; on the other hand, he seeks a painting language that is correspondent with his true-self through sketching.  Years of reading and sketching gives his art a traditional literati air from inks to the composition; however, also implying a personal ink emotion.  These almost abstract paintings can’t express more Chao’s true personality.  It is also correspondent to what the artist once said: “In my belief, it takes not only skills but also profound knowledge and unique cultivation in aesthetic and culture to establish an art style of one’s own.”
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