Originally known as Wang Gui-Yong, he gained master degree of Fine Arts at China Art Research Institute.  He’s now living in Beijing.  During 1990 to 2006 , Wang San-Jie served as a police officer, in charging of drawing suspects portraits.  He had seen countless faces with love and hatred; therefore he can accurately grasp facial configuration of characters and their emotional expression.   Using portraits as a themes to present facial expressions is also his means to understand Characters' inner emotions.  According to him, each subtle change in expression maps out the character's mental activity especially their eyes and mouth where secret unlocked.  Wang's works return to emotion and allows a full presentation.  After thoroughly contemplating in sense and sensibility, he lets inspiration sway to the drawing board with smooth strokes.  This emotional sensual presentation in his works is exactly what makes people touched and also a precious quality of his own.
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