Su Chiou-Dung was one of the remaining artists representing early Taiwanese arts.  He devoted himself to art education.  His style featured Taiwanese countryside, red brick houses and bridge; sugar cane and banana gardens in old Taiwan could be seen in his paintings as if time traveled to the past, reminding people of the prosperity of sugar industry in past times.  The artist was silent for three decades because of the involvement in February 28 Incident; yet he never stopped painting after retreating to New York.  Different place and different time, what remained was his realistic style.  Snow, lake, and lotus ponds were his favorite views and subjects; the western architectures in his paintings conveyed a point of view from an Easterner.  The artist paid close study to painting strokes, material and color tones of the renowned artists; he also plunged himself in the study of all kinds of art theories and criticism.  To present the reality was his faith; his lines were brave, unconstrained and simple, carrying out a sense of beauty and nobility.  
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