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Hsia Yu-Fu apprenticed with the renowned painter, Lee Ho-Sheng in Tianjin at age of 10 learning Gongbi painting and was admitted to Yantai Normal College later learning sketching with Professor Cheng Yue-Po.  He taught at elementary school after graduation and retreated to Taiwan with CKC government.  Having a passion in arts, he worked in art crafts, advertisement painting, interior design, Batik and lived by them.  It was not until his 50s that he was able to plunged himself wholly in the creation of fine art painting.  He received instructions from Fu Guan-Fu and hereafter, found out another path for his life.  He attempted to adapt the use of dry inks in traditional Chinese painting onto the expression of mountain, rocks, clouds, waves—all with delicate and detailed strokes and made an out-break of the techniques used by predecessors.  He successfully integrated perspective into Chinese landscape painting, establishing a style of his own and became the first one in Chinese art history.  
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