Born in Japan and graduating from National Taiwan University.  He started out working in a bank upon graduation.  He followed under Master’s like Liao Ji-Chun, Chang Wan-Chuan and etc.  In 1979, he immigrated to the US and lived there for 17 years.  Later on, he returned to Taiwan to focus on art and held several solo exhibitions within the country and overseas receiving great appraisals.  He was once awarded the 32nd and 33rd Japanese Art Association JAAS.  In 1989, Mass Mutual Bank printed 21 of his art works and printed them into a calendar for the month of March.  His first solo exhibition in Taipei took place in 1992; one of the paintings was used on the cover of Reader’s Digest February issue.  His art works are adored by collectors within the country and overseas.  His creations do not pursue realism and beautification, yet simplification and exaggeration are his basic principle while painting.  His goal is to complete 70% and leave 30% towards imagination.  He retired at the age of 65 working at the bank and began to truly involve in creations of art.  He is currently the member of Sunday Painting Association, Chinese Contemporary Association and etc.
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