Graduated from senior high school of Sichuan Fine Art College in 1992, Cao received bachelor degree of art, Department of Oil Painting in 1996.  He went to Kassel Fine Art College to study from 1997 to 1998 and received his MFA from Sichuan Fine Art College in 1999.  Thanks to a full understanding of contemporary visual experience, he manages well the placement of colors that there’s no mess among the bright abundant colors used in the paintings.  He crosses the traditional boundary between Chinese Mountain-and-water painting and Western landscape, beginning with the Realism language of photography and finally breaks through the superficial demonstration of skills and fused the outline and brushes in Chinese Art with Western expression of lights and shadows.  His works reveals an unprecedented visual charm which is also the homage of a contemporary artist to traditional literati arts.  Hopefully this kind of attitude may arouse our sleeping ethnical aesthetic and psychologically further our cultural confidence.
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