Born in Changhua, Taiwan in 1964.  Part time studied at Fuxing High School of Commerce and Industry as well as had a part time job.  He went through economic crisis during his education period and relied on being an apprentice at advertising to support himself.  Later on, he learned painting with Lin Jin-Zhong and attempted to enter art school but failed due to poor grades; thus he transferred to National Art School.  After graduating and army service ended, he received 1st place nationally in a painting contest and several other awards.  In 2 years, he worked hard to earn money to further his skills in the United States.  After he returned to Taiwan from overseas; he became a professor at Tung Fang Design University and then became a professor and art director at Vanung University.  Hsu’s representative work took him 4 years to complete, the length was 320 ft and broke The Guinness World of Record.
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