Growing up in a family of wood carving, Huang’s childhood is immersed in beauty and admiration; his unique insight into art is therefore cultivated.  After graduating from sculpture section at Fuxing Commerce and Industry School, he learned with Master Kuo Ching-Chih through apprenticeship and since then, he was drawn into the field of multi-media creation.  Huang had deep exploration into aboriginal tribes, doing research of their living.  The strong perseverance to survive of the aborigines gave him a big impact, he always reminds himself to make art like how they live their living.  Later, Huang successfully made a furnace and this device helped him realizing his aborigine series which impressed the viewers deeply and was praised as a work of his sweat and tears.  His recent representative series “Iron Horse” are composed of materials from hundreds of bike after having them dismantled, broiled, beat welded and then assembled.  After 6 years of hard working, Huang won a prize in the 55th and 56th Provincial Art Exhibition in 2001 and 2002.  Besides, in 2001 he also won a prize in the 15th Nanying Art Exhibition and in the 6th Dadun Art Exhibition, the 3rd prize.  His iron sculpture work “The Marksman” was included in fine art textbook of senior high school. 
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