After graduating from Taipei Private Middle School and entering Lu Tie-Zhou’s Institute of Nan Ming Painting.  Practicing in Oriental painting.  Since 1937, Hsu began to consult at public sectors and continued to create art.  1939 obtained the 1st diploma from Nan Ming Painting Institute (Oriental Painting Major).  1943 held solo exhibition at Taiyuan Public Hall and began teaching at Taibei High School, Jing Hua Girls Senior High School, Taoyuan High School and retired in 1980.  After his retirement, he began to promote art activities and attending Provincial Exhibitions as a judge.  He joined Tai Yang Art Association in his early years and began several other associations in 1949.  1982 he was involved in the initiation of Taiwan Province Gouache Painting Association.  Diligent creator who exhibited at provincial historical museums, National History Museum and Cultural Affairs Bureau, Taoyuan County Government.  Hsu Shen-Chou’s art subjects contained various topics; whether landscapes, scenery, still life, animals all display mature painting techniques.  This painting is vibrant yet elegant with unique style.  After the war was over, he began painting lady figures, with a clean canvas with smooth colors which frequently attracts the audience to savor his work.
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