Chen Huei-Kuun, style name Shan Yuan, was born in Longing district, Taichung, Taiwan.  He’s a celebrated Taiwanese painter and educator who had been teaching in National Taiwan Normal University for 40 years and achieving numerous educational excellences.  In his childhood, Chen showed his interests in painting while watching his father practicing the Jieziyuan Huazhuan (Jieziyuan Huazhuan is a manual of Chinese painting compiled during the early-Qing Dynasty.)  Though losing his parents at an early age and became widowed for two times, Chen’s pursuit of art just became more determined by these frustration that life brought to him.

In 1919, encouraged by his home-room teacher Chen Yuei-Lin, Huei-Kuun developed more passion for fine art, later on, after his graduation from Taichung Senior High school in 1927, he went to Japan for further study in Tokyo Fine Art School (Today’s Tokyo Art University) where his application grade was thought to be the highest (normal subject: qualified, oil painting: on waiting list) during the past 41 years.  In addition to continuous practice in painting, Chen took good advantage of seeing western and Chinese masterpieces, which gave him great inspiration.  After his retirement from National Taiwan Normal University in 1977, he traveled to many places such as the U.S, Japan and China…collecting the beauty of the universe under his brush.  Chen Huei-Kuun is a rare Taiwanese painter who has wide proficiency in oil, gouache and ink painting; he also possesses deep understanding for western and eastern fine art trend.  Sketching of nature, expressive space and Cezanne’s pursuit for solid structure are emphasized in his creations.  He had fully combined the western and eastern spiritual features together, distinguishing out his own style.
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