Graduated from an art vocational education.  Currently lives in Taipei, Taiwan. During the Martial Law era, Chen Chieh-Jen challenged limits of expression under the Martial Law system and conservative art establishment with guerrilla-style performance art and underground exhibition.  In 1996, Chen began to experiment and started a series of “Re-imagine, Re-narrate, Rewrite and Reconnect” project.  He believes that by connecting with local people along with experimental aesthetics and video literacy's receptiveness; he will be able to create various conversations with the audience or possibility to connect. Although there is always a bit of political topic within the background of his art pieces, but he thinks that the meaning of art should be more emphasized on the language, phrases that are hard to be told and spirit and memory of the body.  Through artistic “narration”, especially in an increasingly Neo-liberal dominating era; creating is not only to defy the forgotten but more so a style on “people narration” and possibility of “multi-Democracy.”
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