Chen Tso-Tao was an air force general, has contacted pottery as an amateur for 30 years.  After retirement, he focused on exploring all kinds of transmutation glaze.  Within recent ten years, Chen’s publish of numerous ancient glaze and many innovate transmutation glaze have caused huge astonishment and amazement.  The one that received most admiration from experts and scholars should be “Drunken Beauty,” a kind of glaze also know as “Red Peach Glaze” that has long lost in China.  Chen’s successful reproduction of Red Peach Glaze not only displays versatile colors, but is also neat, and free from disturbing each other.  Like a poem that describes, “Green as spring water first ascends to the sun, and red as rosy dawn just comes upon the sky.”  Such transmutation glaze works are once in a blue moon, and therefore be praised as “The accident of kiln accidents, the miracle of miracles.”

Chen Tso-Tao was given “Ceramic Art Contribution Award” from Taiwanese Ceramic Society as a result of his works’ myriad versatility, natural formability, and noble rarity.
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