Xiong Qin was born in Chongqing in 1973.  He received his mater’s degree from the School of Fine Arts of Southwest University, where now he gives lectures at.  Xiong Qin not only paints good works, but also performs well in academic area.  From 2004 September to December, he went to University of Wales for doing a series of research, giving lectures and many other academic activities.  Main exhibitions include: “Great Exhibition of China Oil Paintings,” “The First Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition,” “Luyi Cup,” etc.  In Xiong Qin’s works, elements from different genres are placed and overlapped onto the canvas.  Through this creating process, the elements escape from their original meanings, initiating a new conflict between seriousness and playfulness.  In fact, feelings from various life styles provide Xiong Qin with inspirations to create his art, in which there is surrealistic metaphor as well as sentimental strength that lead audience to ponder.
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