Song Yong-Hong was born in Hebei Province, China, and graduated from the Printmaking Department of Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts (now China Academy of Art). Song started his art career in 1997.
“The Bath of Consolation” series makes art field aware in the very short period that Song is one of the important representative artists during China’s art revolution era.  His paintings give out a sense of self-oppression, panic, as well as absurdity, which are presented both in visual and spiritual way.
Song’s painting is much of individuality and simplicity.  Like a little child, he will put story and philosophy together to tell a simple story that is meaningful but easy to understand.  His prints are mostly black, white, and gray with simple background, one human figure, and a water flow.  What stands out from massive blocks of color is that well-painted and exquisite water stream.  Song’s handling to water stream finely creates the painting’s modeling and rich facial expression.  Most important of all, the simple limning causes more unity between figure’s looks, action, and water, and thus creates more boringness and panic on the painting.
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