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Born in 1932 in Nanjing, Ho Kan’s original name was Ho Xue-Kan (Changed in 1963).  Ho Kan retreated to Taiwan with the government in 1949 and went studying fine art at Taipei Normal Collage, the next year he entered Li Zhong-Shen’s studio. 

He was once the provincial government education counselor, promoting enlightenment of fine art for children after the war.  He began his creation with Surrealism which assured his later explore of geometric abstraction under Li’s instruction and due to his family back ground; calligraphy also plays an important role in his creation.  

Ho Kan left Taiwan for Italy in 1964.  Impacts from Hard Edge and Spacism as well Pollack, Klein and Klee’s embezzlement to art of oriental letter make his works showing undividable relation between individual and the group; part and the whole. 
His inspiration came from materials like ritual equipments in Shang Zhou Dynasty and brick totems in Han Dynasty.  With physical thinking, he has the image deconstructed; His work features oriental correspondence, rhythm and fantasy meditation. 
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