Shen Jing-Dong was born in Nanjing, in 1965.  He graduated from College of Fine Arts Nanjing Arts Institute in 1991, where he majored in printmaking.  Some of his important exhibitions include: 2001 “2nd Asian and Pacific Art Biennale” Museum of Contemporary Art, Genoa, Italy; 2002 “Daydream – Chinese Contemporary Art Invitation,” Nanjing Museum, China; 2002 “3rd OPEN International Performance Art Festival,” Xi’an, China; 2003 “The Different Same – Chinese Siluowenliya Artist Dialogue Exhibition,” Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art, China; 2003 “CHAT and CHAT – An Art Workshop between Belgian and Chinese Artists in Xiamen,” Chinese European Art Center, Xiamen, China; 2004 “UN Art for World Peace Exhibition,” Excellent Award, Korea; 2005 “Look Forward, Walk Together – Four Contemporary Artists From P.L.A.,” Pickled Art Center, Beijing, China; 2005 “3N Works,” Imagine Gallery, Beijing, China. Shen Jing-Dong’s cartoonized soldiers are like ceramic toys.  They stand quietly looking at audience, making audience to think over soldiers’ self being that exists beyond their social responsibility.
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