Qi Meng-Guang was born in Inner Mongolia in 1963.  He graduated from the Department of Fine Arts of Inner Mongolia Normal University and Printmaking of China Central Academy of Fines Arts.  Exhibitions Qi Meng-Guang has participated in include Going to the New Century – An Exhibition of Young Chinese Oil Painters’, 1997, Beijing; 100 Famous Contemporary Chinese Oil Painters’ Small-sized Works, 1999, Beijing; The 20th Century China Oil Painting Exhibition, Beijing, 2000; Up and Down the River – New Age Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition, 2005, Beijing.
Qi Meng-Kuang is an artist who specializes in fusing imagination and reality.  He often re-interprets images of ancient culture, but the illogical arrangements all seem to be right in the picture.  In his painting, every past era is a past absurdity or question rather than a reasonable outcome.  Qi Meng-Kuang dreams about in his painting and then makes it visualized, telling stories and thoughts about Chinese history in his surrealistic humor.  In fact, it is never a surfaced description but a psychoanalytic world that Qi Meng-Kuang constructs.  Compare with nowadays’ realism, Qi Meng-Kuang’s work presents more complete individualism, realizing his own fables and legend of art creation and life attitude.
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